Discontinue Ahmednagar Road BRTS in Pune

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This petition is about highlighting the grossly underutilized and problematic Ahmednagar road BRTS (and any Pune BRTS for that matter).

Half of the width of such roads is claimed by BRTS corridor.  Pune City has huge reliance on privately owned cars and bikes - precisely because of grave inadequacy (if not complete absence) of public transport.  Other vehicles on Nagar road & in general in Pune are:

o  six seaters &  auto rickshaws

o  mini tempos,  water tankers  

o  Hundreds of IT companies buses              

o  School buses & vans for school children

o  Trucks, Large containers that move slowly and pass through town because there aren't enough bypasses

o  taxis/cabs that have mushroomed because of taxi aggregator apps

o  State transport and MSRTC buses between cities 

o  Huge number of Private transport buses plying from other cities into Pune and moving out

Compared to the volume of all above that can not use BRTS lanes, what is the number of PMPML buses that get the luxury of free movement in a choked city? Is it not extremely unfair that when lakhs of people are suffering choking roads and slow moving traffic, a handful of bus users receive luxury of fast movement ?

Are the PMC and political/municipal/government authorities choosing to ignore the very visible  realities & daily sufferings of people commuting by own vehicles? BRTS has made traffic slower, very unsafe and accident-prone on Nagar road; and people are angry and upset about it but feel helpless . And this is true for Wakad BRTS as well – which has thousands of vehicles travelling to and from Hinjewadi and fill every inch of the road on either side of the empty and vacant BRT lanes.

London, Paris and Mumbai have efficient bus services and reliable transport without BRT so why can’t Pune ?  People don't take buses in Pune because

  • poor frequency and number of buses/routes - result is always overcrowding
  • No point to point service (like in Bombay)
  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Noise /Air pollution causes people to prefer four wheelers or OLA/UBER - no buses are air conditioned so car users will NOT shift to buses

Ideally, BRT infrastructure should be completely dismantled and if that decision requires too much courage and hence can’t be taken, its usage should be radically increased – allow ALL kinds of buses to use this (private luxury buses, IT company and other companies buses (they can even have official stops there), intercity buses, Metrozip, school buses, Tempo travelers providing transport services etc.) , during times of traffic jams, instruct traffic police to allow use of BRT lanes - which are usually empty.

There’s no justification for treating a few people who take the buses any specially than millions who use private vehicles because of lack of alternatives.

Please sign the petition with the hope that municipal authorities and PMPML will take some notice of  the blunder that BRT is and will show some courage to make lives of people easier.