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Mundo Marino Director: Please improve living conditions of orca Kshamenk

Photo by Marcelo campos

Experts have reported that a release plan would not be successful for Kshamenk due to several factors including no health assessment in the plan, no funding for the release or the after-effects, Kshamenk's bond with trainers and his dolphin companion Floppy, and no reasonable area near the site of his stranding for a sea pen. His family pod is unknown, and release as an alien species is not a viable solution within current conservation efforts.

The best solution to improve Kshamenk's quality of life while at Mundo Marino would be to improve his environment. The pool where he is kept is incredibly small and the water quality has been questionable. Mundo Marino used Kshamenk to inseminate one of SeaWorld's orcas recently. There is no reason why the money received from SeaWorld and from the thousands of guests at Mundo Marino that Kshamenk attracts could not pay to upgrade his environment.

Letter to
Mundo Marino Director
Ministry of Tourism Mr. Carlos Enrique Meyer
Please improve the living conditions of Kshamenk, the lone orca of Mundo Marino. There is no doubt that he brings in thousands of tourists to the park each year. That money, and money exchanges with SeaWorld for artificial insemination, are owed to this animal to improve his quality of life. His pool is incredibly small, even compared to other industry standards.

Since his release plan was denied, the only fair thing to do would be to make the best situation possible for him at the park.

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