Petstore Major

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Downtown Fort McMurray is rapidly growing.  There are plans to build up our water front which would attract more people to the downtown area during times off work and people vacationing.  This is also a well known working town, where people work long hours with little time off. 

Statistics show that more than three-quarters of households in Alberta with children aged 6 and over have at least one pet.  Add this with long working hours, vacations and little resources in the area for pet care, we are left with the idea of bylaw changes to better suit your needs and give families with pets more balance in their lives. 

We are looking to change the zoning bylaws in our area to better suit the needs of the residents, visitors and those who work long hours. 

Majority of residents in Fort McMurray seems to be true animal lovers and have a hard time getting services required due to bylaws in this area. With this being said, we have 2 new business and an established veterinary clinic on Fraser Ave, Downtown Fort McMurray.  We are trying to get this changed, so we have the ability to offer more services like overnight stays, longer hours of service, small critter daycare, and a lot more.

We are asking that residents and those who would benefit for a bylaw change, to sign this petition.