Muncie City Council: Pull the Plug on Mercury and Lead Emissions

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The undersigned area residents demand that the Muncie City Council and administration officials put a stop to the hazardous waste processing facility proposed by Waelz Sustainable Products (WSP) for the former site of the BorgWarner factory on Kilgore Avenue, Muncie.

If built the facility would emit some of the highest levels of airborne mercury and lead in the country. Muncie already faces significant problems with lead dust emissions that we cannot afford to exacerbate. This facility would be upwind of the over 69,000 residents of Muncie and potentially impact thousands more in Yorktown and Delaware County. If built the facility would be 1500-ft away from Muncie's wastewater treatment plant and likely impact the water quality of the White River, which serves the drinking water sources of large populations downstream, like Anderson and Indianapolis. Heavy metals and particulate matter emissions into the air have serious health consequences for children, the elderly, and people with chronic health conditions. 

We do not want a slightly cleaner version of the facility described in WSP's permit application. We do not want or need a facility that releases a little less mercury, lead, and particulate into the air. We demand that the Muncie City Council pull the plug on this proposal as soon as possible.  


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