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Stop Targeted Dismissal of Minority Students at Missouri University Department of Surgery

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Dr. Arthur Rawlings, the Program Director of the General Surgery Residency Program of the School of Medicine, University of Missouri-Columbia exclusively dismisses minority students from the program! Consider the following:

  1. In the last 3 years alone, 1 in 4 matriculating students or 25% were dismissed. His dismissal rate is more than 16 times the national average!
  2. ALL dismissed students were minorities!
  3. No black person has ever successfully graduated under Dr. Rawlings!
  4. In my specific case, he effected my dismissal based on evaluation scores that were much lower than my current scores in the database! When I realized his malice and challenged him in an appeal, he simply had the scores in the database downgraded by more than 100%! This happened 3 months after the evaluation!
  5. He has been investigated by the national accreditation council for running a malignant program where 40% of students rated the program to be negative, again, the highest by far in the country!

The University of Missouri-Columbia is sinking under the weight of racial discrimination. Enrollment numbers have sharply declined! After all, most white people hate racism too! The Medical Research Center has been closed down! The Medical School has been ordered by the national accreditation council to diversify or lose accreditation. This means that if such sub-standard processes and discriminatory terminations of Dr. Rawlings go unchecked, the Medical School could close down too! His practices are akin to ethnic cleansing! He ended my career!  

Recently, the President of Missouri University stated the following:  

"The university remains in the spotlight and must get its image corrected and market itself properly to regain its footing and start rebuilding the lost enrollment. If we don’t do that, we are going to have another New York Times article, another Washington Post article, and we won’t recover. This is a very critical period.”   Please tell the President of the University:

  1. To end the discriminatory terminations of minorities in the Department of Surgery, stop the manipulation of evaluation data and restore my original evaluation scores and career.
  2. To have zero tolerance for bigotry, double standards and sloppiness. These are the problems that have plagued Missouri University for years. They would incubate in a small area and then flare-up to affect the entire University System.

If I had left quietly like the others did, I would never have discovered these despicable actions of Dr. Rawlings that should have ended in the 60s! No one likes demonstrations, disruptions and negative press. But let's face it. History has consistently proven that media exposure has been the single most important tool for real, positive change. Besides, a New York Times article could also be headlined "Missouri University Purged of Racism". But we have to earn it first! Then we would not have to advertise for any student of any race! The best of all races will naturally come here!  

We all just want a place of peace to study and achieve our potential. Discriminatory terminations based on manipulation of evaluation results should never be tolerated. The University is a place of excellence, where the application of fair and transparent standards is not optional!  

Please sign and spread the word. Also, there is a Court Hearing at the Boone County Circuit Court House, 705 E Walnut St, Columbia, MO, on August 7, 2017 at 1330H CST. Please come and hear all the details.  

Help save Mizzou!   


Valentine Nofong Columbia, MO. 

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