Save paper, digitize University submissions

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Every 6 months, students have to go through their semester submissions. Each student has to make a file of every subject they have in their syllabus, which involves all the experiments and assignments.

At least 60 pages are used for each subject for a single student. On an average there are 6 subjects for a particular student. There are on an average 4200 students in one college. There are 700 colleges under Mumbai University. So, if we calculate, 60*6*4200*700*2=2116800000 i.e more than 2 billion pages used every year. Each tree on an average gives 8333 pages. If we divide, 254 thousand trees are mercilessly chopped down just for these submissions. These files are useless after these submissions. Even if we recycle these pages, they can can be reused only twice, so 254 thousand trees in two years. This is just the best case scenario. Along with this, on an average, a student spends 2000 rupees on just these files which is not affordable by a student whose family can hardly pay the college fees.

We can solve these problems all at once, by digitizing these submissions. We have softwares like Google Classroom, Blackboard etc which are totally free of cost(or they ask for a very nominal amount) and can be used by universities and make the entire procedure paperless. This can save a lot of time, money, energy and most importantly, trees. 

This is not a complain against the pressure we are put under or the never-ending writeups we are expected to write, this is a fight for the ceasing greenery, and the increasing global warming.

We are inspired to bring about a much needed change, not for us, not for the country, but for our world.

We, the youth, are the future and we have to look out for ourselves and the next generation.

As Swami Vivekananda said, ' Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is achieved. '

We will not stop until we see the change.