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Petitioning Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic Shri. Vivek Phansalkar and 15 others

Mumbai Traffic Police: Enforce the traffic rules more strictly and ensure good traffic regulation

The traffic scenario in mumbai is becoming pathetic as the vehicles are increasing. Not following traffic signals, parking/stopping in middle of road, many cars barging in to take turn, no respect to pedestrians are becoming very common and a big nuisance. High time the traffic police do the job really well.

Letter to
Joint Commissioner of Police, Traffic Shri. Vivek Phansalkar
Police Inspector Byculla Shri. S.K. Thorat
Police Inspector Nagpada Shri. A.B. Kinagi
and 13 others
Police Inspector Tardeo Shri. R.M. Thakur
Police Inspector Pydhonie Shri. S.M. Shejwal
Sr. Police Inspector Kalbadevi Shri. M.P. Patil
Sr.Police Inspector Colaba Shri. P.B. Khabde
Assistant Commissioner of Police, North Shri. G.D. Giri
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Central Shri. Vilas Pawar
Assistant Commissioner of Police, South Shri. V.M. Hemadi
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Planning Shri. N.N. Mistry (Addl.Charge)
Deputy Commissioner of Police, H.Q Shri. Dr. M. Dahikar
Deputy Commissioner of Police,Suburb Shri. Dr. M. Dahikar
Deputy Commissioner of Police, City Shri. S.R. Nilewad
Addl. Commissioner of Police, Traffic Shri. Brijesh Singh
Sr. Police Inspector Wadala Shri. D. Naikodi
Respected Sir,
Given that Mumbai is the finance capital of India, the traffic management is way too below par.
The number of vehicles having been increasing at a very rapid rate( close to 1 lakh/year), but the management is way too behind to cope the same.
Being a senstiive mumbaite we would like the following points to be implemented:

- Increase the traffic police staff at RTO's to keep pace with increasing number of vehicles. The RTO staff strength has been decreasing with the tremendous increase in traffic! Really difficult to comprehend!

- Limit the number of vehicle registered and establish a well-defined protocol to monitor/regulate the same.

- Ensure traffic rules more strictly to ensure people respect the rules and not take YOU for granted. Most of them are NOT scared of LAWS and don't follow rules. This is getting really bad and will get even worse in the future.
Its a real shame that most of them no unpunished and have no respect for the rules.

The following areas are also very chaotic and it seems pretty much ignored by you. Please deploy more staff at the following locations:

- Grant Road Junction,
- Bhendi Bazar.
- Sikka Nagar,
- Chira Bazar,
- Bhuleshwar,
- Pydhone,

These are just a few places where i see the chaos. I'm pretty sure there will be many such places that need to be looked into.

Its high time Mumbai Traffic Police gets more serious about the worsening traffic scenario and take strong steps towards ensuring less problems to transportation and the common man affected by the same.

Hope you will pay heed to our sincere request.