Stop traffic violations and get all the cameras working which was put up with public money

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 Mumbai is been slowly turning into a no. Patience and law breaking city when it comes to Traffic

Despite spending crores of rupees which is literally tax out of our pockets to install CCTV cameras all over cities on main and busy by-roads, they hardly seem to be working. In fact quite regularly, drivers jump signals, go in wrong directions, stop above or ahead of zebra crossings, park parallel on main roads till there is hardly any road left for ongoing traffic to move, parking under the no parking board, parking on wrong side of the allotted days (odd and even dates)…THE LIST IS SIMPLY UNENDING.

This pathetic traffic practice and regulation is putting pedestrians at a high risk of ACCIDENTS or forcing them to cross unsafely. This is pushing your elderly parents or even your children to the most vulnerable point. IS OUR MONEY SPENT WORTH THIS WORRY?

I, a tax-paying citizen of Mumbai, am appealing to all of you to take up this issue with the RTO to make all the CCTV working at 100% functionality. My appeal is to proper signage in the visibility of the driver with big sign of the fine amounts printed on it.

RTOs need to be stricter at the signals and stop people from breaking or violating the rules AND not stand after the signal to extort money by getting bribed as driver has already committed crime. RTO needs to strict on parking issues which is the main reason of traffic jam and the subsequent chaos.

The BMC needs to remove all the business carried on roads and footpaths like garages which block the road most of the time where cars parked on footpath too. THE FOOTPATH IS MEANT FOR PEDESTRIANS, NOT FOR SERVICING CARS OF A GARAGE. This forces people to walk on roads and risk their lives in the hands of rule-breaking drivers.

Why is RTO relaxed while such things are happening under their nose? Why should lives suffer and perish because of some people do not do their jobs or break rules?

My appeal to the RTO and Municipal Corporation is to take responsibility and start taking strict actions on these fronts which is a part of their duty.

I request you, my fellow citizens to join and sign this petition and forward it till they hear us.