Justice for Mumbai whistleblower Reshma Rajan falsely arrested, tortured in police custody

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This is a petition not only for Reshma Rajan but every such concerned citizen who is only fulfilling their duties. Is this what we get for being concerned about our fellow citizens? Kindly read her  complete story to know what happened exactly and listen to her interview. 

Justice for Good Samaritan.

This is about a horrific incident that a Good Samaritan, a fellow Mumbaikar went through.
Lot of physical and mental abuse is all that she had to go through just because of a letter that she wrote to the ACP and DCP of Mumbai Police.
This letter was written to help a minor boy who was put behind the bar [for false reason with no FIR in place], all for being a relationship with a minor girl. The girl being from a very conservative family she was sent to her native place a year ago when they parents got to know about her relationship. After a year when this girl [minor girl] returned, she decided to meet her love [minor boy] at Juhu. It was bit too late for her to go back home, being extremely feared she decided not to go back home as her parents would send her back to her native place. She decided to stay back at the minor boy’s friend’s place in Powai. Because the girl didn’t return home, the parents filed a missing complaint at the DN Nagar Police station (Andheri West). Police then dragged the minor boy to the COP Station, thrashed, and physically abused, this is despite the minor boy informing about the location of the girl. The parents picked up the girl but then the boy was continuously thrashed by 5 days. On the very first day the parents (in their late 50s -60s) reached the COP station and tried getting their son out, the COPS demanded Rs.40,000/- to close the case. Like how? How and from where these old parents are supposed to pay such a huge amount.
My friend got to know about all of this from the minor boy’s older brother which visits the same gym where she works. She decided to highlight this topic to the ACP and DCP [11th May 6 pm she sent this letter and the FIR was filed on 12th May at 1.00 am], well this idea didn’t really go well. The COPs, in order to take revenge after reading the letter filed a case of Rape and Kidnapping against the minor boy and pressurised the minor girl’s parents to admit that they filed this complaint. It is illegal to put a minor behind bars for 5days, why didn’t the COPS moved him to juvenile custody if the boy was found guilty, why wasn’t there medical procedure carried on if there was chances of the minor girl being raped.They also called the minor boy’s parents at 1am and asked them to call the my friend who wrote the letter to ACP and DCP and asked her to visit the COPs station. To which she decided to visit the COPS station late in the night to explain and understand what exactly happened. After a lot of heated conversation and since the COPS didn’t co-operate, she decided to shoot it on a video. The COPS took a huge offense on this, snatched the phone from her hand, slapped, and thrashed her continuously for 2 hours. Her pants were removed in from of 3 male constables and she was beaten on her hips and thighs with belt and boots. My best friend was physically abused and she could not do much. Her parents arrived to see what the matter was, they were completely heartbroken to see their daughter’s face eyes turned black and face completely swollen. Because my friend’s father and brother argued with the COPS for ill-treating their daughter, even they were put behind the bar. My friends Workplace Head came to police station to see the situation wherein he saw the situation was bad and he shot the video of the current situation even he was put behind the bars and was abused so badly that his hand got fractured. When my friend was taken to COOPER HOSPITAL for medical test, the cops forged the reports and displayed the reports as normal. After medical she was again hit by the COPS in an interval of every half an hour. When they went to the court eve the Judge was surprise looking at the report and the marks on the face, he suggested them to do a medical test again, post which they got to know about that both her EAR DRUMS WERE TORN. After that she was sent to the ladies cell {ARTHUR ROAD JAIL}. She was about to get bailed on the very first day but the COPS at DN Nagar made decided not to give the NOC and hence she had to stay in the cell in ARTHUR ROAD for 3 days.
Just because my friend raised her voice against injustice, she had to suffer so much 5 people including her were put behind the bars [the minor boy [who she wanted to help], her dad, her brother, the gym’s owner – who came to help her].
The amount of trauma that she has gone through is something that no one can express. If raising our voice for justice means this then I’m really worried about the law and justice in this country and our safety too. While there have been cops who have helped people but here it was just the opposite in fact even worst.
My friend had decided to take this case further in high court, I really want you all to make people aware about this case. So that next time no one suffers like my friend has done.

PS: The mobile phone in which video was shot is still in police custody.