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Multnomah Education Service District & Gresham Barlow School District: To support Bonnie eating blended food via her g-tube at school.

Since kindergarten, Bonnie has received her blended foods via g-tube in a push/plunge method at school. This is important for Bonnie's overall health. Real food for real people works real wonders. The districts claim that it is an unsafe practice. However, she is now in third grade, with no incident. A nurse has delegated the task to not only three of her aides, but other staff in the school as well. Yesterday they rescinded that delegation. We have asked for documentation as to why this method has been deemed unsafe in a school setting. None was provided. We had offered to go in ourselves to feed her. We were denied. We have to pull our daughter for her lunches. Blended food is nothing more than real food blended to a consistency to go through the tube. Bonnie has strong abs and no, not even formula, would just gravity feed. Her real food is push/plunged. This is a very safe and simple method in our experience and in many of those we help teach about blended foods.

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