Hold oil companies accountable for the destroyed lives and environment in Nigeria

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In 1956 Shell drilled Nigeria’s first oil well in Bayelsa State. Over 60 years later the region faces serious ecological and humanitarian consequences.  
Shell earned more than $4 billion from oil and gas production in Nigeria in 2017. Over the same period of time, an estimated 38 million litres of oil was spilt into the Niger Delta.  
Oil spills have poisoned the land and rivers that sustain the people of Bayelsa State. Oil has contaminated the water, killing fish and crops, not only destroying people’s livelihoods but causing widespread illness.  
The result is an average life expectancy of 10 years below the national average and health issues including skin lesions, breathing problems and liver damage. Research has also exposed the link between oil spills in the Niger Delta and the death of thousands of babies annually. 
The oil industry profits whilst the people of Bayelsa State remain impoverished; their land destroyed, and livelihoods ruined. 
Oil companies must be held accountable and take responsibility for the impact of their activity. The people of Bayelsa State should be afforded the same rights and protection from the oil industry as would be expected in the USA, Canada, Norway or Scotland.  
No matter how much or how little the legal system protects host communities, it is the company’s responsibility to operate to a standard respectful of human lives and the environment.  
We are calling for the immediate and adequate clean-up of the environment of Bayelsa State and the compensations of the communities impacted by oil spills.  
Your support can better the lives of thousands in Bayelsa State and help amplify their voice to make sure our message is heard by those who can effect change.   
Please help us and sign our petition. 
The ‘Rise For Bayelsa’ Campaign Group