Voice for Kids - Protect our Children against Out-of-Province Sex Offenders

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Resolve issues around Public and Child Safety when it comes to Rehabilitative and Transitional Programs for Out-of-Province Sex Offenders. This comes out of a more recent case where a Sex Offender was released into the Brampton Community. Harks was released into the community with no explanation or concern for the immediate community members or those in surrounding areas. As a result we are now subject to living in fear of Harks who was NOT previously a member of the community, let alone the Province. We are asking that Harks be removed from our community to either a more remote location or the Province in which he committed the crimes in  order to complete his rehabilitation/transitional program. We also recognize the sensitivity around such cases however Harks is NOT from Brampton or Ontario and we should not be subject to bear the costs of Rehabilitation/Transition nor the responsibility of managing/adding to individuals who are CURRENTLY completing supervised transitional programs for crimes committed elsewhere.

As a convicted Sex Offender who served time outside of our Province it should be the responsibility of said Province to work with Rehabilitative Services, Community Services and Correctional and Police Services to assist with Harks' transition back into the community.  Although a Registered Sex Offender whose picture has been plastered over the media over the last few days, Madilyn Harks is clearly a threat to our community and our children at this time. In addition to the charges, Harks also admittedly and seemingly bragged about victimizing over 60 children under the age of 8 years old. While attempts to reassure the public of safety measures and restrictions it isn't enough. Based on the merits and outcome of this case, it is clear there are still gaps in our justice system that are left to be mended by the general public, and this is NOT an additional case the community signed up for.  We sign this to give a voice to our children and the children of the community who cannot speak up for themselves. We sign this to say no to governments using iron fist tactics. We sign this to stand up for our children.  There is no absolute win but our children should NOT have to lose! 

This petition is specific to the case, response and rehabilitation process of Harks and the current merit of his transition/reintegration program. Further, it would be of benefit and fairness to society that additional explanations be provided so as to 'ease' public fear or concern. 

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