Multi faith room at Skyxe - Saskatoon airport

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We would like to thank the Saskatoon airport authority leadership for giving us the opportunity to propose to you, a multi-faith facility at the John G. Diefenbaker Airport in Saskatoon. 

Currently, most airports in larger cities worldwide have rooms dedicated as a multi-faith space. We recognize that individuals from various faith communities as well as those not affiliated with any organized faith tradition appreciate an area where they can pray, meditate or simply connect and contemplate the journey they are about to embark on, particularly as we know that travel can be stressful. Saskatoon is an inclusive and welcoming city for its many diverse citizens and in keeping with that spirit, we would like to propose a multifaith space within our airport. This will truly enhance the experience and hospitality of our beautiful airport and will put Saskatoon on the map for providing top-notch services for all to enjoy.

We have extended an invitation to our many multifaith friends and communities in Saskatoon to support this proposal and their respective signatures endorsing our proposal are attached. We look forward to working with the Saskatoon Airport Authority to make this important initiative a success.