Multi-faith prayer room in schools

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This is a petition that advocates the necessity of a multi-faith prayer room at schools. We began by asking Seven Kings High School to introduce an area for students to practice their religion, pray and reflect. The school does not have a place for this at present and students were hiding and praying in unoccupied classrooms during lunch. Once discovered, they are thrown out and followed to ensure they don't find somewhere else to pray, including this Friday just gone, when they were forced to pray outside in the school playground. No child or adult should compelled to pray outside because they are forbidden from doing so elsewhere. 

Only today has Seven Kings released a statement to say that they are introducing a prayer room come the summer term. Thank you for your help in bringing this about. I guess this is a small victory for us all! 

It simply isn't good enough that it has taken the school twenty years to introduce a multi-faith prayer room. It is embarrassing that a school in London behaves like this - London which I have known to be inclusive and tolerant of people of all backgrounds, and this needs to change. 

A prayer room is not only important for Muslims but people of all denominations/faiths/beliefs and individuals should be allowed to use this space during breaks, not only for prayer but reflection. Multi-faith rooms should exist in all schools and the right to practice one's religion should remain untouched. 

Over the last twenty-four hours I have had a lot of people tell me that their children go to schools where this is also the case, or that they themselves do or have. Something has to change.

Please take a moment to sign this petition to make it so schools must have an allocated area (if not a permanent room) where pupils are able to practice their beliefs. 

Thank you so much for your time,