Mulholland Road in Twin Rivers is OUR LOCAL ROAD

Mulholland Road in Twin Rivers is OUR LOCAL ROAD

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Why this petition matters

Started by Danelle Cubria

Twenty years ago, after Twin Rivers was designed and the concept plan was submitted, the County stipulated in the approval process that a right of way along Mulholland Road be dedicated to the County for a future two lane divided urban collector road, that “connected” Ft. Hamer Road to Rye Road. For twenty years, this road has not been touched, not connected, not built to code as a collector road. The plan has now extended the road to CR 675 and beyond.

At the October 21st Board of County Commissioners meeting, the Commissioners saw our Twin Rivers residents in our red shirts, heard our speeches, and read our many written comments. We spoke of the many negative implications and consequences of what this planned future connection through our neighborhood would do to our way of life. They also heard about the exorbitant costs in excess of $30M and the environmental impacts of this connection.

On that day, the BOCC voted 6-1 to transmit the County’s Transportation Plan to the State of Florida for their approval, with the removal of the Mulholland Road Bridge over Gamble Creek.

This Map, as updated above, shows Mulholland Road with the severed connection, yet it is still functionally classified on the map as a Collector road.

The first petition was signed by Mulholland Road neighborhoods, east and west of Gamble Creek. This petition is specific to the classification of Mulholland Road in Twin Rivers, and is only being distributed to residents of Twin Rivers.

We are hoping the BOCC will vote unanimously to REMOVE the Gamble Creek Bridge at Mulholland Road from the Transportation Plan during the Adoption Hearing scheduled for January 6, 2022, as represented on the State Transmittal. And in terminating this connection, as shown on the updated map, we would think that this would make Mulholland Road a local road. But this is not the case, so we need the BOCC to make a motion for this change and then vote to approve it.

This change in classification has no effect to the County’s property rights to the dedicated right of way along Mulholland Road. This change in classification has no effect when Mulholland Road eventually extends East past Twin Rivers and connects to Rye Road, it will simply be another entrance/exit for our Twin Rivers residents to use.

This change in classification could effect the undeveloped parcel of land located west of Twin Rivers Trail and Mulholland Road. This land is currently zoned AG. Rezoning applications on this parcel, because it is located on a road “classified as a collector”, could include neighborhood and community serving uses (i.e. Place of Worship, Civic/Social Club or a Child Care Center) per the Manatee County Land Development Code, which would also allow its’ parking lot, lights and related traffic. This parcel is located IN Twin Rivers, its’ borders are the backyards of our residents on 27th Ct E, it is the front view of our residents on Twin Rivers Trail at Mulholland Road and it is the backyard view of our residents in the Cove on 20th St E.  

In conclusion, there is no other Collector road on the Traffic Circulation Map that terminates at a POINT. Mulholland Road is OUR LOCAL ROAD. NO other local roads that are/will be solely used as a neighborhood entrance/exit are on this Map, because they do not circulate traffic. Then why is Mulholland Road still classified as a collector road?

Please support our neighborhood and sign this petition. Help us show the Board of County Commissioners that Twin Rivers residents, as Manatee County taxpayers, are asking for Mulholland Road to be classified as OUR LOCAL ROAD.

412 have signed. Let’s get to 500!