Mujahid Rawa, STOP Islamic Preachers From Speaking About Other Religions!

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Dear Minister Mujahid Rawa,

Congratulations on your new ‘Islamic’ administration policy which enshrines the ‘rahmatan lil ‘ALAMEEN’ (mercy unto the WORLDS) concept from the Quran. With this concept, you claimed that you wish practise mercy, compassion, grace, gentlenessTO EVERYONE as Prophet Muhammad did. We trust that you actually understand and wish to apply this concept and not simply use it to score political points with the majority.

If that is the case, we wish to bring to your attention an Islamic preacher, Mr Firdaus Wong. He is a proud associate of Dr Zakir Naik who has been given asylum in Malaysia on the condition that he does not cause disharmony.

Please watched this video below. In it, Firdaus Wong make a very unintelligent, superficial and misleading comparison between Islam and Buddhism, to ‘prove’ that Islam is actually easier than Buddhism. Whether it is or not, is beside the point here. Rather, the point is how selectively Firdaus presents the information so as to create the desired perception. For example, he left out the following

1.       Syariah law mandates punishment for Muslims caught drinking

2.       The verse he quoted about drinking (Al Baqarah) has been abrogated, according to Traditional scholars, thus banning alcohol outright

3.       Conversion to Islam is an official act and changing one’s mind can prove difficult and requires a long legal process.

4.       Muslims are governed with different laws. The new convert can be punished for not attending Friday prayers in some places

5.       The regiment he describes about Buddhism is for their monastic order. Regular Buddhists lead simple, unobstructed lives compared to Muslims, at least in our country

Firdaus Wong is either highly incompetent in Islamic knowledge or highly deceptive. In any case, why is he able to speak freely about religions other than his own? You claim to uphold the ‘rahmatan lil ‘alameen’ concept but have done nothing about this. Are non-Muslim not part of ‘al-‘alameen’? This not ‘rahmat’ but rather laknat! Firdaus Wong should not be allowed to speak about other religions if Malaysia does not allow criticism of Islam.

We call upon you to be just as the Quran commands, ‘when you judge between mankind, judge fairly’ (An Nisa, 58). There is a reason why this is the teaching which God extols its beauty (same verse).

People like Firdaus Wong, Zakir Naik and their associates take advantage of the fascist government policies and oppress other religions. You MUST put a stop to this. Please ratify a law which stops Islamic preachers from speaking other faiths. Unless we give freedom to ALL to speak about other religions, we will not be practising ‘rahmatan lil ‘alameen’!