This Is UnaccepTable

This Is UnaccepTable

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Mujaahid MPPUSM started this petition to Mujaahid Amin


New tables are being provided for all the single and double rooms in Nurani Putera and Puteri. It’s good to hear that USM is taking action to try to improve conditions for the students and i really do support any improvements that may be made, but these tables are simply unacceptable.

Why are these tables unacceptable?

1. None of the student’s leaders (MPP & MPD) were involved. What’s the point of having students’ leaders if they’re not included in the decision making process in any student-centred changes?

2. The new table is smaller than the one we’re currently using and the old tables are much more conducive Decreasing desk real estate is more of a downgrade than an upgrade.

3. There were no complaints about the old tables. We never received any. The issues in regards of dividers and drawers are too minor to justify such a drastic and sudden change. Getting rid of the drawers and dividers is not the same as fixing them..

4. There are so many other, objectively complaints that are being made and there are plenty of other areas which can be improved (eg: toilet, bed, closet). In this regard, the tables should not have been made the priority ahead of these other complaints.

5. We’ve been tolerating a lot of things and it’s time for us to speak up and acknowledge this mistake on USM's part. We simply won't accept it.

I’m calling upon all students to not accept the new tables and instead keep on using the old tables. This is the time we stand up for ourselves and show that we won't simply accept everything that the management wants to do. We are the one affected by any change, not them, our voice need to be heard. If we just roll over and accept this, we will keep getting stepped on and things like these sudden-ill advised changes will keep happening to us. That must not be allowed

Because the table have already been bought, I suggest the following:.

1. Use this tables to replace the tables in study room of both Desasiswa Murni and Nurani.
2. Allow the use of both tables (in single rooms, the space is adequate)
3. Keep the tables.

Pease help me spread this message and sign this petition:


Mujaahid Amin
Pengerusi MPP USM Kampus Kesihatan

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