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Overtime Pay for Muhlenberg Staff During the Snow Storm on 3/14/17

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Today, March 14th, 2017, saw Muhlenberg campus being closed due to a large snow storm. The presence of this snow storm led the state of Pennsylvania to declare a “snow emergency”, and the storm itself dumped a large quantity of snow across the entire state over a span of many hours. Despite the danger presented by the storm, and despite all Muhlenberg classes being canceled and many Muhlenberg facilities being closed as a result of this storm, many Muhlenberg staff members came in today to fulfill needed duties for the college such as providing food for students in the dining hall and clearing the hazardous snow and ice from walkways. With the staff members coming in and performing their duties well, as they always do, despite the severe weather conditions, and with the recent decision by Muhlenberg College to increase student tuition by 4.8%, it would be sensible to think that some of the College’s money should be used to pay these staff members overtime for their service during the snow storm. Unfortunately, according to the Muhlenberg staff, this is not going to be the case, as there has been no mentioning to the Muhlenberg staff about any kind of overtime pay for today’s services.

The Muhlenberg community, out of respect for the staff members who put themselves in danger in order to provide needed services for the college during the snow emergency, demands that those Muhlenberg staff members who came in to provide needed services on the closed campus today, March 14th, 2017, be paid overtime for their hours of work during the snow storm.

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