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On the 19th of November 2018, the Embassy of Nigeria Rome Italy., carelessly affixed a notice that there will be no consular services on the 20th of the same month as a result of the declaration of that day as a public holiday by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But the same epileptic Embassy failed to send SMS or E-MAIL messages to citizens that already had appointments on that day. Consequently, over fifty (50) Nigerians traveled to Rome from different parts of Italy to find that the Embassy was closed. We can only imagine how bad and neglected these people felt.

There are over 106.000 Nigerians resident in Italy. And we will have over 200.000 Nigerians in Italy if we add those that are not resident to this figure. Clearly, it is absolutely not correct for all of us to depend on a single consulate.

For these reasons, and many ugly occurrences relating to the extortion, abuse of Nigerians and the collection of bribes by the diplomats/officers of the Nigerian Embassy, Rome., the Nigerian Union Italy has been asking for a minimum of 3 consulate centers since 2015. Every single Nigerian in Italy must not travel hundreds of kilometers to Rome for any mere document.

Besides, the Embassy has many duties apart from the issuing of international passports and marriage clearances. Nigerians should be able to conveniently access their Embassy in the cases of sicknesses, deaths, destitution, unemployment, pensions and when their children are taken away from them.

Please sign and share this petition to influence the creation of new/additional honorary consulates across Italy.