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Salamun Alaykum, 

It's a good news coming out of Mughal Masjid that Our Respected Ayatullah Aqeel Ul Ghararvi will be reciting Ashra e Majlis.

Since long back the pulpit (mimber) of Mughal Masjid used to be known by Marhoom Maulana Athar Sahab, who had honoured the momineen of Mumbai with his dignity and calm gesture with the teachings of Ahlulbayt (as). 

After the demise of Khateeb e Akbar, His Beloved Brother Marhoom Ashfaq Sahab recited the Ashra e Majalis. 

It would be disgraceful if any so called zakir would have been ended up and elected for reciting Ashra e Majalis in Maah e Muharram. 

It has been Unfair decision if the pulpit (mimber) have been given to any non aalim, who would have sowed the seed of hatred, grudge among the momineen. 

Few fitna Monger has started to pulling legs, by spreading envy, hatred against the Janab Ayatullah Aqeel ul Ghararvi Sahab. 

We can see the enemies of Ilm (knowledge) raising their voices against the follower of Baab e Ilm. 

Ayatullah Aqeel ul Gharavi is an renowned personality among Ulema and Momineen. He is an internationally renowned Aalim, whose only motive to spread the rightful teachings of Ahlulbayt (as) rather than narrating fabricated stories with no authentic resources, just to gain popularity, appreciation from Jehal e Muraqqab. 

I wonder how can a person would stand against Aalim, who is an Ayatullah, Worldly renowned scholar. 

Today we should have thanked the Trustees of Mughal Masjid for taking a rightful decision on Appointing of an Aalim on the Holy Pulpit of Mughal Masjid. 

I hope Ayatullah Aqeel Ul Gharavi would prove to be an asset for the momineen of mumbai, by guiding them True Teachings of Aimmah (as).

Today even the soul of Marhoom Maulana Mirza Athar Sahab And Marhoom Maulana Ashfaq Sahab would be thanking Masjid e Iranian on Appointment of an Aalim for such a huge responsibility.


I here by request to all the Momineen to be grateful and stand in support of the trustees of Mugal Masjid on their Appointment of Honourable, Respected, Ayatullah Aqeel Ul Ghararvi Sahab. 

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