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This is a petition to **beg** our Local Representatives, Transport and Main Roads and the Gold Coast City Council to help us get SCHOOL ZONE LIGHTS and SCHOOL ZONE ROAD MARKINGS in front of Numinbah Valley State School.

Our children are placed at risk on a daily basis from drivers who drive recklessly and dangerously past our school, often unaware that there is a school located on the main road. 

Our school is located on Nerang Murwillumbah Rd, just past a blind corner. Drivers can't see the school when approaching from the North and regularly speed and overtake dangerously past the school. 

We may be a small community and our school may be small, but our children are just as important as anyone else's. 

We want better signage, school zone lights and road markings to alert drivers that they are entering a school zone. We want these measures to remind drivers to slow down and drive carefully. 

We have asking for this for a long time now and hope with everyone's support that we can make our school community safer for our children. 

Please show your support by signing this petition and letting our representatives know that this is serious and the safety of our children should be prioritised. 

Thank you to our Local MP Ros Bates for your ongoing support and advocacy of the Numinbah Valley Community.