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Protect Turkey's south Coasts, Forests, Villages and Wetlands from devastation !

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The Turkish Ministry for Environment and Urban Planning has prepared a report with an aim to change the protection categories for the naturally protected areas in 22 other regions in Turkey, including the province of Muğla. The report “Scientific reports of 4-season ecologically based research” is supposedly scientifically based, but is far from being transparent; has been prepared with improper haste and in addition without any involvement from local people or management, NGO’s, universities or scientific institutions.


What does this report imply ?


If these changes are realized, more than 60.000 acres of naturally protected territory in Muğla will be opened up to construction  - including unique bays, forests, olive groves and wetlands.

This will mean devastation on a colossal scale of the unparalleled beauty of the coast and forests of Gökova, Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye.

Our rich natural heritage including the peninsulas of Datça and Bozburun, almost half of the Gulf of Hisarönü, the whole coast of the Gulf of Gökova - home to the  Blue Voyage;  the coast and islands around Göcek in Fethiye,  the coast of Ölü Deniz, Kelebekler Vadisi (Butterfly Valley) and the wetlands of Tuzla will be left to the mercy of the building sector.

We must not allow ten of the world’s leading tourism destinations to be destroyed!

If we allow this to happen local and economically sustainable sectors like the Blue Voyage tours, Nature Excursions, Horticulture, Olive culture, Natural Agriculture, and Beekeeping will disappear.

Don’t let our rich natural and cultural heritage become a memory or a treasured postcard.

We put forward the following questions to the the Ministry for Environment and Urban Planning:

 - Hundreds of studies and  thousands of pages of scientific reports have been drawn up and written concerning the protection of this region - on what grounds did you instigate yet another report - one that contradicts so clearly with the existing ones ?

 -  On which grounds was the tender for an ecologically based scientific research won by a real estate company and  is this ethical?


We call upon Professor Dr. Hayri Duman and his team:

  - On writing this report you have ignored many ecologically based scientific reports that already exist. Your report does not comply with scientific ethics and it will cause ecological devastation of the protected nature in our region. We urge you to withdraw your signature from this report.


We call upon the Ministry for Environment and Urban Planning:


 - Stop this course of action. It will cause irreparable damage to natural life of Muğla, and in addition will oppress the local economy and the people. Rescind this report, which in unacceptable in view of its unethical tender process.

  - We call on you to help us to pass on our natural heritage to the future generations.  We ask you to make necessary plans together with the involvement of the people, the local management, the NGO’s, and scientists.

  - We ask you to do this with comprehensive research and in conformity with scientific and ethical principles on a real ecological basis, with consideration and scrutiny of previously prepared scientific research.


 Environmental Platform of Muğla (MUÇEP)




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