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In June, MTV aired an episode of True Life called, "I want to be straight." It featured two people who wanted to become straight. While MTV published helpful links on their website to legitimate organizations that help young people who are struggling like the Trevor Project, I believe that airing this episode is dangerous to young people.

Sexual orientation is not a choice. Even suggesting it is can be harmful to people who are struggling with their orientation.

MTV is still airing this episode of the "True Life" as a re-run. Tell them to stop before someone gets hurt.

Letter to
Jr. Publicist, MTV Lameka Lucas
MTV MTV's "True Life" producers, Viacom Inc., and MTV
MTV Carl Folta
I just signed the following petition addressed to: MTV's "True Life" producers, and MTV in general.

Stop telling youth they can "pray away the gay!"

MTV's True Life Episode, "I want to be straight" sends the wrong message to people struggling with their sexual orientation.

While MTV did not explicitly endorse the possibility that gays and lesbians can change their sexual orientation, this True Life episode could be easily misunderstood by someone who is struggling with who they are. Someone could easily watch this episode and think there is a "cure" for being gay, which could not be further from the truth.

In fact, so called "gay cure" myths inherently promote hatred and non-acceptance of gay teens. They are responsible for fueling the fire of bullying, disgust, and outright violence against gay people worldwide.

I understand that the True Life series is a documentary special that tries to cover a wide range of people and their experiences, even the not so pretty ones. However, in this case, MTV made a serious mistake.

Please stop showing this episode before it causes irreparable harm to someone struggling with their identity.



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