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MTV: Stop promoting the degradation of women; don't air "Big Tips Texas"

"Big Tips Texas" is a complete misrepresentation of young, career-minded women everywhere and especially women from Texas. It promotes wild and completely inappropriate behavior. We need to bring back more dignity and respect in our society. This show, like many other "reality" TV programs, leads young people to believe this is how you become successful, that it's OK to act this way for money. "Reality" stardom has taken over and it's time we encourge future generations to strive to become greater. 

It's not entertaining to watch young, barely-dressed women, cursing and conducting themselves in a negative manner for television. When you see young people acting like this in real life, you don't find it entertaining. So why does this behavior need to be televised? I think it's time for viewers to speak up about the lack of quality entertainment television that has taken over cable television for the past few years. 

I hope that EVERYONE will come together and stand up against low-quality, insulting, "reality" television. We need better role models for the future and we can't expect that if we continue to support television like "Big Tips Texas".


Letter to
Vice President Jennifer Solari
Publicist Brandi Albahary
Senior Publicist Candice Ashton
Please Don't Air "Big Tips Texas". It's a misrepresentation of young women of Texas, it promotes wild and inappropriate behavior, and the degradation of women. Young viewers are impressionable and we need higher standards for entertainment television. MTV has the ability to make a positive impact. Use your power to deliver more encouraging messages to the masses. We need to bring back more dignity and respect in our society. I'm asking that you reconsider airing "Big Tips Texas", please.

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