Seventh series of TeenWolf

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There is no reason for you to abandon the series!
There are multiple reasons to continue it.
For example we have not seen the return of Kira, the defeat of Morooe, find out what happened to the other characters and many other motivations.
There is no reason (the economic ones are expelled, even if you agree, you have a lot of funds) to abandon it.
Many fans would watch the series, every day there are people who start the series for the first time, others revise and start again.
You could even make it an octave ninth etc.
On behalf of all the fans we want a continuous.
There are also many ideas for a seventh season and even an octave if not more.
Many people would like to see the ritual of many dead characters like Allison.
You could add another character with other "powers" like a vampire or any other type. You did everything it would be a waste not to continue it, you think I discovered it three or four days ago and I fell in love with it.
Up to here I was referring to you MTV but now I'm talking to you fans like me, sign and share this petition and let MTV know how important TEENWOLF is for us, ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SERIES I HAVE EVER SEEN!
Many internet sites say this:
What is the reason that led to the cancellation of Teen Wolf? The always reliable Teen Wolf Wikia, which thanks to its internal sources of production receives scoop and rumors behind the scenes, has reported a very interesting reconstruction of the facts.
According to TWW the problems for Teen Wolf would have started when last July Susanne Daniels left MTV in favor of Youtube. If that's the reason I think you can do without it.
Fans, we hope that for once someone hears our opinions and advice.
I repeat fans or whoever is reading, please share as much as possible!
For today everything is;)

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