Save MTV Scream

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On July 17, 2018 the Scream fans of the slasher show on MTV was hit with some sad and confusing news. It was said by “The Hollywood Reporter” that Netflix won a bankruptcy deal where their contract with the Weinstein Company was terminated and was said that Netflix is not obligated to stream the upcoming third season. This would be terrible news because most of the fans are international and can only view the show on Netflix and without them they will not be able to view it and if this happens then MTV will have to find a streaming service that is willing to pay to stream it. There is a possibility the show could be canceled by MTV if there is no streaming service. The chances of it being canceled before being aired is low but it’s still possible. The fate of this show is up in the air and unfortunately MTV and Paramount Network has declined to make comments about this situation according to “Bloody Disgusting”. Netflix is also refusing to acknowledge this situation.

What I am asking for you guys (Scream and Non-Scream fans) is to sign and share this petition to let MTV as well as Netflix that we deserve answers and the cast and fans deserve this season and respect. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. 

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