Release the season 3 of scream

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On July last year, the chanell mtv anounces that the third season of scream would premiere march this year what it didn't.Whith the weinsteins sexual scandal last year, the assets of the weinstens were sold to the company lantern capital, but it can go to liquidation:

We fans are waiting since september last year for any kind of info regarding the new season whith many giving up on the series or forgeting about it, due to the absurd lack of news.MTV won't tell us anithing and 
although many cast member had said many diferent premiere dates for the series (They were wrong)And the reason to the delay, the weinaten's scandal, many fans are complete clueless of what is happening, because mtv herself does't tell  their viewers what is hapening. The new season is already filmes but the premiere date is an mystery and our fans are really desperate for news and is an absurd that mtv won't tell her viewers anithing.