Get BTS to perform at the MTV European Music Awards

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Get BTS to perform at the MTV European Music Awards

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BTS is a South Korean boy band that debuted in 2013; slowly through the years, BTS has grown up in popularity due to their good music and hard work. Their fanbase: A.R.M.Y (Adorable Representative MC of Youth) has grown up globally as much as BTS’s popularity has, and the impact of this is that the Fandom is working hard to get BTS the international recognition they deserve.
Not long ago, Billboard was the first international chart to celebrate BTS’s impact in the music industry (K-pop/HipHop) by nominating them to the Top Social Media Artist Awards at Billboard Music Awards.

BTS won over artist as Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez with over 300 Million votes on Twitter.

This time, A.R.M.Y is working on getting BTS to the MTV EMAs. MTV European Music Awards is a prestigious event that celebrates the music and the artists of the moment. This year (2017) it takes place in United Kingdom, London.
The goal of this campaign is to successfully get BTS to get invited and perform on one of the stages of the MTV European Music Awards.

Fandoms all over the world are joining this amazing project, we need every single signature to truly have an impact, this is not only for A.R.M.Y, this is for BTS.
This petition is part of a two-step campaign, this topic will also take place on Twitter, we will use #BTSMTVEMAs on September, Friday 1st to call the attention of MTV EMA. (please do not use this hashtag yet – otherwise Twitter’s algorthithm will be disturbed and thus have no effect)

Let’s work as hard as we did for Billboard and show the world how amazing BTS’s music is. How big their fandom is.
A.R.M.Y is not only a Fandom, we are a family; if we work together, we can achieve anything.

“Team work makes dream work”.


We invite you to share this petition and follow us, to keep track of this amazing project. We deeply thank every fanbase, A.R.M.Y and KPOP fan all over the world that has or will join this. We love you.

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Esta petición ha conseguido 67.558 firmas

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