MTV invite BTS to the VMAs

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In the western music industry there is a lack of asian representation and BTS was able to show a bit of asian representation at the Billboard Music Awards. Kpop has been around for years, but never has it been as big as it is now. We succeeded in having Dick Clark Productions invite BTS to the Billboard Music Awards and we also succeeded in giving that award to them. Having BTS invited to the VMAs would not only open even more doors for Kpop itself but also have more asian representation in the western music industry. Despite the hate they received after the BBMAs, BTS was able to show that no matter the language, music is music. I'm not saying that BTS is the only one that is able to do these sorts of things but at the moment their big fame and success in the U.S. gives them more shots at these things than any other groups. Remember that music is universal and it does not have to be in any specific language for it to be good. Fighting!