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Petitioning Executive in Charge of Production, MTV Nick Predescu and 7 others
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Executive in Charge of Production, MTV
Nick Predescu
Executive in Charge of Production, MTV
Janay Dutton
Executive Producer, MTV
Shannon Fitzgerald
Executive Producer, MTV
David Osper
Publicist, MTV California
Brandi Albahary
Senior Publicist, MTV California
Candice Ashton
Vice President, MTV California
Jennifer Solari
President of MTV
Stephen K. Friedman

Cancel "Scrubbing In"

This show does not promote a positive image of nursing and it is an insult to the nursing profession as a whole.  We ask that MTV please consider taking this grossly inaccurate dramatization off of the air.  

Letter to
Executive in Charge of Production, MTV Nick Predescu
Executive in Charge of Production, MTV Janay Dutton
Executive Producer, MTV Shannon Fitzgerald
and 5 others
Executive Producer, MTV David Osper
Publicist, MTV California Brandi Albahary
Senior Publicist, MTV California Candice Ashton
Vice President, MTV California Jennifer Solari
President of MTV Stephen K. Friedman
This is a call to cancel the MTV show "Scrubbing In". We feel that this obvious dramatization is a gross misrepresentation of the nursing profession. Not only are we tired of the negative stigma that surrounds our profession but also of the senseless sexual objectification that we as nurses, both male and female, continue to endure.

Please understand where we are coming from and take "Scrubbing In" off of the air.