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Mturk gives "canned response" on twitter, doesn't really answer anything

As seen today on twitter, Mturk employee Warren Barkely @warrenbarkley answered to a tweet sent to him and Amazon about this petition and how upset us workers are. His response:

"We appreciate folks taking the time to provide us feedback. As we work to improve the worker experience we will expose more information in the dashboard over time."

If someone was essentially taking your paystub away, would you approve of that kind of response? Are you satisfied with that response? What do you think he means when he says "over time"?

Please keep the weekly worker activity report emails going to workers. Please do not shut them down in February. Doing so will NOT IMPROVE the "worker experience" you seem to care for so little. If you do have plans to "expose more information in the dashboard over time", why not just keep the weekly emails going until you are ready to launch a redesigned dashboard? You did the same thing with redesigning the worker website. 

Crowd Labor Worker
2 years ago