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Protect Clinic Patients From Constant Harassment In Downers Grove!

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We are Pink Angels- defenders of those who are being discriminated against or harassed or bullied by any person or group- especially when that person or group targets those who are in an emotionally vulnerable position.

We are calling on our elected officials and our Downers Grove police department to take action against the weekly harassment of clinic patients at Access Health Center in Downers Grove, IL.

Do SOMETHING. Offering verbal warnings accomplishes nothing. As soon as officers drive away, the harassment proceeds. Clearly these warning are no deterrent.  

Every Saturday morning beginning around 5:30 am at 75th St & Devereux Rd, patients and workers and volunteers of this health facility are consistently harassed in a multitude of ways:

  • Incredibly loud megaphones are used consistently- even after the police are called and ticket the offender. The man who does this has been told many times not to enter the property- but he continues to ignore both the property manager as well as the police. He trespasses every week and literally stands on clinic property, next to the waiting room window, and says some of the most disturbing and vulgar things.
  • Very large and obscene imagery is strategically placed all around the clinic so that any patients entering the property have no way around choosing to ignore the graphic images. These images depict severed limbs from infants swimming in pools of blood as well as murdered children. 
  • Clinic volunteers usually wear vests. Those who show up to harass patients stand at the entrance to the clinic parking lot disguised as being affiliated with the clinic by wearing their own vests. Appearing official, they successfully stop cars entering the clinic property with the sole purpose of turning the patients away. They literally take advantage of others' emotions and try to guilt and shame women.
  • Anytime a patient exits their vehicle they are bombarded with morbid language and are told that they will never be able to live with their decision (the harassers assume that everyone entering this facility is there for an abortion procedure, which is false). The patients are yelled at almost exclusively by older white men who go into graphic detail about murdering children and cutting off the limbs of the young. 
  • Groups of people gather around on the sidewalk (which is protected by the 1st amendment) to pray. When a women parks and exits her car, the prayers are essentially screamed at her until she makes it inside the clinic. We have had numerous patients speak with us and explain how incredibly uncomfortable this makes them. It is just another method used by the harassers to try to intimidate the patients.

The list goes on.

We are sick and tired of seeing women in tears being forced to look at dead children while being called murders who are going to hell.

If you were to witness this barbarism in person it would break your heart.

We spoke to a resident that lives nearby the health center. When she first moved into the area she was appalled by the morbid images being displayed for everyone to see.

She called DGPD and asked them what the heck is going on over there, and to please do something about it because she drives right past this clinic every day with her children.

The Downers Grove Police Department told her to take a different route because they will not be taking any action against the harassers.

Let that sink in for a moment.

We have been told recently by DGPD that they will NOT be taking any action with regards to this issue as it currently stands unless: the property manager calls the police; or unless there is any type of violence among protesters and counter-protesters; or unless a nearby resident makes a complaint to the police; or unless a clinic patient victim agrees to go through the process of going to court (which is obviously not something that would make anyone feel comfortable).

We might not like that response but "rules are rules."

If we can not count on our elected officials and our police force to protect innocent women NOW, we must take action; we must petition anyone in a position of power who should address this issue publicly. 

A number of residents in the area have reached out to us to express their frustration with this weekly harassment. We already have enough support from the community to demand something be done.

We urge everyone to contact this clinic and offer to be an escort. It is very easy and will not take up much of your day at all.

We have identified a number of potential Downers Grove code violations taking place here:

  • Section 15.5 (Disorderly Conduct)                             Subsections (a), (b), (e), (f), and (g)
  • Section 15.5.1 (Noise Regulations)                           Subsections (a) and (e)
  • Section 15.16 (Obscenity)                                         Subsection (a1), (a3), (b), (c2), (c3), (c4), and (c5)
  • Section 15.28.1 (Trespass to Real Property)   Subsections (a), (b), and (c)

All of these codes can be found in chapter 15 here:

When the police tell us that they will not protect Downers Grove residents from the disgusting things happening at this clinic every single week, it is a slap in the face to everyone.

We are demanding leadership.

We are demanding action.

Enough is enough.

Please sign this petition, which will send a strong message to the mayor of Downers grove as well as mayors from neighboring communities, the DG commissioners, the DG village manager, Rep. David Olsen, and DGPD that we would like them all to take action and respond to the community about how they will help the victims- because we will not stop fighting for patients' rights until they are able to visit this clinic without fear of trickery or intimidation or guilt.


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