Change "MILK: Born to this World" movie Rating to GP

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Change "MILK: Born to this World" movie Rating to GP


Dear Sirs and Madams:

It has come to our attention that the rating for the movie “MILK: Born into this World” is R-16. On behalf of all the excited viewers of the movie, we would like to express our opinion on the matter at hand. Since we believe that the documentary is something every parent should watch, we are merely providing them with an option to do so. There is a massive distinction between the purpose of showing this movie and “undermining the faith and confidence of the people in their government and/or the duly constituted authorities.” Therefore, the rating needs to be changed to GP.

Since the documentary focuses on increasing the awareness of breastfeeding, it was scheduled to be shown in the month of August which is “Breastfeeding Awareness month.” It should also be known that the DOH, WHO and UNICEF have established a breastfeeding campaign which is in compliance with the views in the movie. Therefore, we are confounded by your opinion that it will somehow undermine a common goal among breastfeeding advocates. Some of the viewers include members of said departments and organizations. Kindly peruse this link which will help make a more informed decision:!.pdf. Kindly pay attention to Section 3, “Public Education and Awareness Program. - To ensure the meaningful observance of the month as herein declared, a comprehensive public education and awareness program shall be undertaken:”

The movie is based on actual events and the recollections of the volunteers that aided survivors of the typhoon. You make it seem like this is a blatant series of lies with no justification. My questions to you are, were you there? How do you know that these events never took place? How do you know that these events are biased? Just because this movie is based on facts does not mean that it is biased.

Your decision to make it an R-16 movie solely protects the DOH and DSWD while conveniently stripping the freedom of speech, access to information and the right to peaceful protest. Would you consider that biased?

The volunteers and all of their opinions should not be censored because those are the REAL HEROES that made a difference. Real people were interviewed during the aftermath of the typhoon including mothers that traveled from province to province to ensure that those who needed support in different areas were getting the support that they needed. The effort of the volunteers of “Nanay Bayanihan” is unprecedented and deserves any and all recognition. To deny anyone from viewing this movie would not only be disrespectful to the volunteers but also to everybody that they helped. Truth be told, hundreds of babies die during strong typhoons because their families had to be relocated due to the flooding. One of the major reasons that babies die is due to diarrhea caused by an insufficient source of clean and boiled water and a lack of clean bottles to feed the young ones - which can be managed by leaps and bounds when mothers are taught and given proper support with breastfeeding. In view of these instances provided, the volunteer moms that helped the affected moms and babies should be given their opportunity to share their story. What of the freedom of speech and where did the freedom to access to information go?; especially when these tragedies are taking place.

Another concern we have is that the majority of the viewers have babies that ranges from 0 to 5 years old. If the parents do not have a place or someone to help them watch the baby while they attend the screening, then the vast majority of attendees will not be able to watch the film.

Your unjust classification of the movie is a form of censorship, therefore, we are not asking you to change the rating of the movie; we are demanding a change. We have every right to watch this movie in the accompaniment of friends, family and children, if we please. If someone does not wish to attend the screening, then they reserve the right to do so.




Rowena L. Demingware

Breastfeeding mom and advocate


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