Safety changes needed for Bornholm Corner (Hwy23/Line 44)

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Today I am asking for your help to protect all people travelling thru our village of Bornholm ON.  Anyone familiar with our area knows that we have had to deal with numerous accidents at this corner for many years. Some of you may have been involved in one or know of someone involved in one. Personally I have had to help many of the victims of these crashes out of their mangled cars, and am very frustrated and frightened about what I might see in the next crash. Our community has been looking for changes to be made here for years, but nothing seems to happen. In the past 10 days we have had 3 separate accidents here all involving tractor trailers. I believe it is only a matter of when, not if someone will again lose their life if no safety changes are made.  The most recent accident involved 2 semis that collided. We have many young families with children living in Bornholm. Had one of them been walking outside yesterday when the crash occurred we would have lost them all. Please sign this petition to help us get the changes made to keep everyone safe.