MTN network - We want the service we pay for

MTN network - We want the service we pay for

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Why this petition matters

We've been dealing with NO NETWORK from MTN on and off for at least a year.  During load shedding we are completely without internet causing the following problems:

1)  Business have to close during that time, with no service;  2)  Daily paid data get lost and MTN don't give back;  3) Making people vulnerable - alarm systems are down and there's no way of phoning for help when needed.  4)  Small businesses from home come to a complete standstill; 5) Business that stay open can't take payments because the card machine not working due to network. 

We pay for a service which we don't get!  There are towns that don't have that problem and a couple of years ago, even without electricity, we could use our phones.  What happened? 

MTN give two reasons:

1 Someone stole the battery.  I don't understand that during different phases  of load shedding, that amount of batteries get stolen and replace after two hours!  Won't it be cheaper to have security during that time instead of having to replace very expensive batteries two, three times a day?

2 During load shedding batteries don't get a change to charge, the reason they have to switch service off.  Don't know why that only happen in certain towns, but here's an idea .... have a back-up battery then you don't have to replace it every 4 hours during load shedding.

We also struggle with losing internet at times during day and night without any given reason.  Then it take hours to get back on and in the process again we loose data, work, money, etc. and MTN don't give back.

What's our new network "MTNSA Doing Drops Jaws" means?

I think I speak for the whole town of Riviersonderend and some others, that we want answers and service.  

Maybe its time that the whole town switch to another service provider.

36 have signed. Let’s get to 50!