MTC poor connectivity in Iseke

MTC poor connectivity in Iseke

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Started by Sylvester Kabajani

Dr Licky Erastus 






Subject: Complaint letter about poor Network servicerin Iseke.

As residents of Iseke village. We hereby write this letter to your company to inform you of the poor Network connectivity we have been experiencing in the area of Iseke. 


We have been using MTC services since time immemorial but we regret to inform you about the poor network connectivity or coverage in Iseke Area about 65 kilometers outside Katima Mulilo.


The experience we have had with MTC services is that, while making calls, you get disconnected or can barely hear the receiver on the other end, the internet barely works at good speed, at times you are unable to download a document.


This situation is very discouraging for the community who are evolving in the usage of new technology. We hope and believe that this letter will be given your highest consideration in your company. We look forward to receiving a response in addressing this challenge from your company at the earliest convenience. 


Thanking you in advance 


158 have signed. Let’s get to 200!