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MTA: Stop raising our fares until you fix the broken, crumbling Subway system!

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According to Vox - and based on the daily experiences of millions of New Yorkers who have to rely on MTA New York City transit to get to work every day (in order to pay for the fare hikes we are always faced with):

"New York’s subway is in crisis. After years of growing ridership, use of the system took a dip in 2016, with further declines this year. ...[Trains have sat] in the tunnel in sweltering heat for 45 minutes and [have] derail[ed] with dozens of injuries. The media describes the situation as hell (Slate), a meltdown (Curbed), or a crisis (NBC). Ryan Cooper in the Week and many irate subway riders on Twitter squarely blame Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who controls the state agency responsible for the subway, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA).

The MTA itself says the problems are about overcrowding. But this is an excuse. First, Chicago has had as large a growth in L ridership as New York has on the subway, without the recent breakdowns. An inside source at the MTA explains that by policy, each train delay must be logged with an official cause and that when no cause is formally identified, they often write down “crowding” as a default catchall rather than a real explanation.

The superficial cause of delays is that maintenance and rule changes have made the subway slower, but the MTA has not adjusted the schedules accordingly. The long answer requires an overview of the history of the subway, and why maintenance has always been so fundamental."

The real issue is DEFERRED MAINTENANCE. And let's not pretend otherwise. 

Stop making the hard working people of New York City foot the bill for a system that has needed over a century's worth of repair work, and that should have been done a LONG time ago! Enough is enough! MTA, do right by the people of New York City and fix this!

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