Have the MTA implement the Q36/Q46 Little Neck LiNk Bus Proposal.

Have the MTA implement the Q36/Q46 Little Neck LiNk Bus Proposal.

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The Little Neck Pkwy bus corridor is the only longitudinal bus connection east of Alley Pond Park, and its current schedule does not meet the adequate needs of our communities. Its weekday Q36 service fails to connect with many Long Island Rail Road trains, leaving passengers either stranded at platforms for over half an hour or making them run across the block, sometimes under lowered railroad crossing gates and on unshoveled sidewalk, which increases the risk of injury. Some early AM and late PM peak direction trains have no Q36 bus service, which prohibits some people from using the Rail Road to commute to and from work. During the weekends, there is no bus service, forcing those in our community who want to connect with their fellow community members to take cars instead, which puts a strain on already-limited parking resources, especially in prominent business districts.

This proposal aims to fix the problems with current Little Neck Pkwy bus service by extending the Q46 Glen Oaks branch up Little Neck Pkwy to the LIRR station and by increasing the operation hours of weekday Q36 service, so that the Little Neck Pkwy bus corridor can be made useful for those commuting to and from work. Saturday Q36 service will also be introduced to pre-2010 Q79 levels, so that people can participate in community events without the added cost and stress of parking.

By signing this petition and supporting this proposal to extend the Q46 Glen Oaks branch to Little Neck and adjust scheduling accordingly, we can create a solid connection within our communities and provide a greener way of getting to and from our workplaces. 

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To receive updates about Little Neck LiNk, including additional opportunities to show your support, please send an email to littlenecklink@gmail.com.