East-west bus routes must continue in Jackson Heights

East-west bus routes must continue in Jackson Heights

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Taryn Merkl
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The elimination of the Q49, Q33 and Q32 bus routes will have drastic negative impacts on the Jackson Heights community. There will no longer be any busses going east-west to take people to and from the 74th Street Roosevelt ave subway station. It will prohibit people living within a wide neighborhood from traveling east-west. This will be a severe detriment to the entire neighborhood and especially to older adults, people with disabilities, people with young children, and families taking their children to and from our local schools. This redesign will create inequity in our neighborhood and leave vulnerable populations stranded, unable to access the subway and the wider community. 

Some of us are concerned that ridership numbers on the Q49 bus in particular are skewed much lower than they should be, because we have regularly witnessed, especially during evening rush hour at the 74th st Roosevelt station, drivers covering the fare box with their hand and simply having riders board the bus. 

The Jackson Heights community demands that the MTA reconsider the Queens bus route redesign to include more busses in Jackson Heights that will run to and from the 74th Street Roosevelt Ave subway station and run east-west in general.