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ALS have a right to affordable treatment options

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On May 4th patients with ALS received the wonderful news that we have been hopping for. For 23 years patients living with ALS have been waiting for a new source of treatment that may end this dreadful disease. On May 10th I participated in the Webinar given by ALS TDI to learn if Radicava might be an option for me. Little did I know the cost of the medicine. Radicava is a treatment unaffordable for patients with ALS because it would mean an annual investment of $145,000 dollars. There is no way that most patients with ALS will be able to try this new treatment option. Everyone knows ALS is a catastrophic disease that leaves the patient without any other source of income but the Social Security disability benefits. We get Medicare coverage itso facto, once our disability is approved. Please make Radicava affordable to all of us. There is no way insurance companies will be willing to cover this treatment and make it accesible to us. The cost of it is to high. We need to be able to reach this treatment option to improve our life expectancy. Letting MT Pharma get away with the proposed pricing, is like saying to us we have a treatment option for you but is so expensive that you won't be able to pay for it; so what's the use. We deserve to be treated with respect. Our life's are not worth a 145,000 dollars a year.

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