Allow Mt Maria College Students To Wear Smart Casual Attire at Graduation Dinner

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Graduation has long been a celebration of students' time at high school. As we keenly look forward to the end of the year, our school authority has told us we have to wear formal uniform to our graduation dinner. The symbolic tradition of having a dinner celebration after the graduation mass, typically had the dress code of smart casual. The night is symbolic due to it's nature of students coming from year 8 all the way to working adults going to university or making major change in this world.

As expressed by many of the student body, we believe we should be allowed to wear nice dresses and suits to the event. By the end of year our uniforms would have degraded heavily, particularly the blouses and shirts for the formal uniform. Many to which they have already started falling apart. Buying a new shirt in year 12 is not an option for many of us, and it creates more costs for our parents in the final year. Also as expressed, students who only have one uniform will not be able to have shirts signed on the last day. 

Reasons for such a move included the financial costs. We as a student body have discussed such implications and decided that our dresses from semi-formal or formal are appropriate for the event. Many have even offered to lend dresses for those who cannot afford something new. It is agreed upon that grade 12 is an expensive year with formal, Sydney arts trip, schoolies, immersions, and other extra curricular activities. However it is possible to have an enjoyable night on a small budget yet still mark the transition to an adult relationship with the school. For future reference, a candid conversation with students and parents about a budget would alleviate the financial pressures that has lead to this decision. 

As students of the Class of 2017, we sincerely ask all students, parents, teachers, staff, and the general public to send the message to the school authority that we should be allowed to wear smart casual to our graduation dinner. This exciting and emotional time is a new chapter in our lives as we transition from high school students to adults. Your support is greatly appreciated.