CADEI Immediate Action for Mt. Lebanon School District

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Citizen Alliance for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (CADEI) is a community group whose mission is to ensure inclusive, culturally responsive practices for every student, family, and educator in Mt. Lebanon School District. 

CADEI is compelling Mt. Lebanon School District to commit to the following immediate goals for the 20-21 school year.  Please sign this petition and share with your network so that CADEI can bring these action items to the district  and school board with the community's commitment and backing.  Thank you.

CADEI Immediate Goals for Mt. Lebanon School District:

1.  Recruit a candidate for the Director of Human Resources who has shown proven commitment to DEI initiatives and has experience creating and implementing strategic practices to recruit and retain diverse candidates.  This position is an active posting that is scheduled to close on June 21

2.  Establish a disciplinary policy that immediately identifies racial harassment as wrong and intolerable and addresses the behavior with a restorative justice component.

3. Perform a DEI assessment of curriculum and climate conducted by a center or institute that is university affiliated to ensure diverse representation, intellectual honesty, and freedom from bias.

4. Hire a DEI coordinator for the district and establish representation in each school to serve as a liaison.

5. Expect robust and ongoing recognition and education of cultural heritage months and observances to affirm student identities and promote global citizenship.