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I would like Mt Bachelor / POWDR CORP to give a discount to LOCAL season pass buyers.

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Mt Bachelor is a great mountain it is a world traveled mountain! Located right outside the beautiful and now much desired Bend, OR. Mt Bachelor which is owned and operated by Powdr Corp is for many skiers and snowboarders the only mountain option since we are hours away from Mt Hood and other mountain options. This has made Mt Bachelor a MASSIVE part of the culture of Central Oregon and why so many of us have moved to Bend, grew up in Bend or stayed in Bend, OR over the years, and worked together to keep the culture alive and flourishing. Today I received an email from Mt Bachelor about season passes going on sale I was excited and nervous, but this email was what I was scared of, it is saying that the season passes are going up again in price, AGAIN, this is an increase from last year and the year before that. For myself and TONS of LOCALS this is another blow to us, our favorite mountain that we flock to ride all winter long in all conditions, the mountain a lot of us grew up on, brought our families too, invited our friends too, and tail gated until we get kicked out of, that we support even on those "wind hold days" when we have glorious powder to get to, the mountain we brag about, jabs us with higher prices again... 

For us adults that price is now  


THROUGH SEP. 30, 2017     $949

AFTER SEP. 30, 2017     $1,149

I have lived in Central Oregon for 25 years at only 29 years old this is my home, Bend is my home, I grew up here I grew up in the mountains, Mt Bachelor is my home mountain, I spend as many days as I can during the season at the Mountain it is truly my meditation from life and anyone, I ride with can attest to that. I have been riding Mt Bachelor since I was 15 and I love every day I get to ride or play on the Mountain. 

To give you an idea here, we ONLY get to ride Mt Bachelor (1) mountain. They do offer a few days at some of the Colorado mountains they have, but AGAIN only a FEW DAYS and we really only get ONE mountain ha ha!?!? 

As many of us in the snow sports communities already know, pretty much all other mountains offer more resorts MORE mountains, for LESS, a lot less! 

I understand business being a business owner myself costs go up, things change constantly and sometimes you have to increase or ask a price you don't want to, we have to make decisions every day, some we love, some we don't it is the ebb and flow of running businesses and I respect it. I also understand relationships, in business, all you really have as a business owner and operator is your reputation and your relationships. Relationships with your co workers, with your clients, with your fans, and in Bend, you feel these relationships across the board, you see how a community has grown because of these relationships and the reputations all Bend companies stand by, maintaining these essentials is what keeps businesses in Bend moving forward, and growing and working together, creating the Bend culture we love and well, everyone that comes to Bend loves. We have built this lifestyle and culture as a community, our reputations and our relationships and a large part of that community and culture revolve around Mt Bachelor.


 I am asking that Mt bachelor consider a LOCALS SEASON PASS!

Keep it simple, If you work in central Oregon and live in central Oregon as an adult 27+ years old you can get a DISCOUNTED and unique LOCAL season pass set up to show that relationship, that reputation with the community and the culture of Bend we all love. 


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