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Anopaishe Shoko started this petition to MSU Registrar, Academic affairs

MSU students must not be denied their constitutionally enshrined right to education. The students have noted with concern that the administration have decided to play hide and seek with the learners and we as the students have been silent for so long but this time we are totally in denouncement to the conduct of the Administration against the institution's major stakeholders (Students).

The students therefore seek to state it categorically clear that they can't continue watching the institution as big as it is and as prestigious as it is being reduced into a sole trader business (Tuckshop). 

Bars, Bottle stores, ECDs, High schools and all other state run Universities and Polytechs are in full operation under the plight of Covid 19 particularly the anticipated disastrous OMICRON variant. Its only MSU that is Closing before Opening and postporne all the face to face lectures including online classes to an indefinite period and the move was based on untangible, unscientific and unjustified grounds. 

We have also noted with concern the failure of the Admin to communicate with students as they last minutely issued a statement of postpornment after quite a number of students had already arrived in their respective cities of learning Gweru, Zvishavane and Harare so that they could have enough time to prepare for the long waited short semester of the year as well as securing accomodation. It didnt end there, after postpornment there were several notices circulating on various social media platforms purpoting to have been issued by the Admin and speifically the other one is  notifying students that they are going to open on the 29th of December 2021 and this left the entire student fraternity under a shadow of confusion till now because the notices on social media platforms have got university stamps but they are not on the Student e learning platform where all notices are known to be displayed.

We Students as the major stakeholders, we therefore intend to air our concerns that;
1. NO to unjustified postpornment to an indefinite period.
2. NO to single semester per year that is only two weeks long.
3. NO to Online Learning withount data cushioning from the institution.
4. NO to unproffessional and incompetent ways of communication.
5. NO to decisions for Students without the involvement of Students.

As we conclude, the students seek all of the grievances noted above to be given urgent  attention and addressed with immediate effect.



119 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!