Mass cheating in LLB entrance exam of DU in JBM public school, DU should take action?

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Dear Sir/Mam,

I wanted to raise my petition, regarding the Delhi university LLB entrance exam conducted on 18th JUNE 2018, where there were large incidence of malpractices being witnessed in the exam, and many undeserving candidates tried to pass the exam by collectively cheating due to negligence and lack of professionalism among the staff of organizing school.  

I gave my LLB exam in JBM public school (center code 227),and i want to raise this complaint of how inefficiently and unprofessionally the exam was conducted in this center. Students were clearly unafraid of staff and were looking in the computers of each other, asking each other, discussing solutions, and even invigilator, yes they were asking even the invigilators(one case in front of me) for answers of some questions,i also asked one  what is going on how this is happening, look into it but no action was taken, this sets a very bad standard for future students ,

Young law faculty students are the future of judiciary of this country and they provide  justice to the marginalized, downtrodden people of the country and in order to secure the judicial system we must secure the architects and young skill minds of this justice and society at large is at stakes if we neglect the rigging's and malpractices of organised crimes in our institutions. 

I don't know if something similar happened at other exams of DU too, of this center or any other center{*according to the Times of India  Dated June 20th, these types of incidents happened in lot of other places in Delhi }, and it was very horrifying . I had earlier raised my concerns and bring this in the broad light of concerned authorities, that they can check and verify the entire scenario in CCTV footage of the school, by mailing them about the issue, but they haven't even replied back . Its not their fault also,because of such cases happen every-year , and to conduct the entire exam is very costly and resource consuming , so that's why we want them to check the CCTV footages and take some action.

Here this petition is not for me, because i am not going to benefit anything from here , i am already confident that i would clear the exam , but being an aspirational lawyer , i am unable to neglect anything going against the laws . this is just my way to provem consciousness that i didnt remain quite, because Subhash Chandra Bose once said

"    याद रखिये सबसे बड़ा अपराध अन्याय सहना और गलत के साथ समझौता करना है|   "

so this is all i have to say
Aggreived student
probably i might be you
at some point of time
where something wrong happened  and
you were weak and unable to stop it.
let us unite and fight ,
because we will not suffer the wrong of others

and if by mistake i did any grammatical or spelling mistake please forgive me as an student .