Stop live broadcast of Trump's Press Conferences

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Amy Greenberg
Amy Greenberg signed this petition

I want to encourage MSNBC to stop broadcasting the live Trump shows. He is spreading misinformation and is making the pandemic worse and more confusing. Trump is unable to present himself as a person with solid, truthful information. He is a chronic liar. This misinformation is costing lives.

Trump sees these events as fill-ins for his rallies. His main objective is to berate journalists which gives the impression that he is a "take charge" kind of person. He is using this forum, which is the bedrock of democracy (a free press) to push his propaganda. Despite Trump's instance, he and his administration made poor decisions that cost lives and worsened this pandemic. He should not have an open forum to continue to spread misinformation.

I fully support having journalists, even those who have questionable credentials (OAN) at these events to ask questions and report on those answers. We need journalists to continue to ask questions and ask follow ups if it helps to gather important information. Question asking is a fundamental part of a healthy democracy. There are no “nasty” questions. C-SPAN can show the event in real time; CNN has been cutting Trump out and reviewing his misinformation. 

Viewers are capable of waiting to obtain a credible/truthful summary of these events. At this time, we just need to hear facts.

Lastly, at times of crisis, our Country has benefited from having a leader who is able to comfort the fears and give messages of hope. Trump is unable to do this. Stop the live broadcasts on MSNBC.