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Removal or relocation of billboards at Msida Skateapark

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This petition is aimed at establishing consultations about the proper placement of billboards with regards to the safety of individuals making use of the park.

 The Msida skatepark has been in a poor state for years, a group of us have to gather twice or 3 times a year where we spend days or even weeks making phone calls to the 'respective' authorities to see what is going to be done about the lights not working, overflowing bins and other related maintenance issues. 

Every once in a while a worker is seen 'cleaning' the park. We say 'cleaning' because we don't consider emptying bottles of water on the skateparks surface then throwing them away as cleaning. Water, concrete and the surface of our wheels do not go together, but then again common sense is not so common. 

Time and time again decisions are being taken without the consideration of those who use the park. It is obvious that the location of the recent billboard is "Prime Estate" because it is exposed to as many motorists as possible. It is clear that who ever the powers to be are, have no clue as to how a Skatepark is used. The recent installation has limited the already limited area of the bowl and what for? who is reaping the financial benefits from this advertising? I can also assure you that wrapping a little bit of foam around a solid block of steel is not safe either.

For whatever reason the Msida skatepark has been shrouded in controversy and neglect since its inception all because our so called political figures used a minority group of youths who choose to express themselves differently, as a campaign pawn. Almost 10 years since the official opening of the park with the bare minimum being done to help maintain such a culture and now the park is being sold off to the highest bidder? Where does the money go ? can we expect improvements to the park ? maintenance at least? 

If no consideration is being taken to those who use the park, then these billboards need to be REMOVED AT ONCE. 

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