Please Return K9 Mattie to her military family

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Deirdre Igoe
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I have tried to sit down to write this message several times but have failed as my family and I have been overcome with tremendous sorrow. 

My husband, combat veteran SSG Séamus  Fennessy has been a K9 handler with MSA Security (Owned by Perella Weinberg Partners “PWP”) for the past five years. During this time Seamus and his K9 partner Mattie have worked exclusively with each other — Mattie has never had another handler nor has Seamus had another dog. Last month my husband informed MSA that he was going to serve his country on active military duty but would be local and still able to keep up with Mattie’s training. Since MSA has previously allowed handlers to keep their dogs in similar circumstances we had no reason to believe this would be different. Except it was. At the 11th hour only 2 days before my husband went on orders we were abruptly informed that Mattie would need to be returned and someone “would pick her up in the morning”.  

Mattie is just 1 month shy of her 7th birthday and only one year from her retirement.  MSA & PWP have callously torn our family member, our beloved “Mattie Cakes” from her family who loves and adores her. While our daughters and myself can hardly contain our tears, my husband remains strong despite a barrage of phone calls and texts from MSA which include threats of destroying his military career. 

My husband is a veteran and decorated war hero — and in the words of MSA themselves a “great employee”. Mattie is a goofy, lovable pooch who adores playing with the kids in our backyard and napping on the sofa. Neither deserve this treatment. 

MSA & PWP have taken Mattie from her loving home and ripped our family apart. This is devastating to everyone involved. Including our sweet Mattie, our lovable goofball who doesn’t understand any of this but will wonder what she did wrong to end up in a kennel torn from her family and everything she knows. It’s this image that haunts me. Mattie is innocent and in true MSA/PWP fashion they are using her as leverage as they routinely do with their dogs. 

Please sign our petition to urge MSA Security/ Parella Weinberg Partners to return Mattie to the family who loves her.

Please let MSA & PWP know how you feel about this! 


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