Review of remote learning model for ACT schools in Term 2 - Evidence and Consultation

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Review of remote learning model for ACT schools in Term 2 - Evidence and Consultation

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Helen Alexiou started this petition to Ms Yvette Berry

Families are being put under enormous strain with new online remote learning models delivered in ACT schools this term.

The ACT government has proposed that this model continues for the whole of Term 2 of 2020 in response to Covid-19.

Families are feeling overwhelmed and under supported throughout the past few weeks, yet the government is proposing to continue this model for another 10 weeks, without sufficient or supportive evidence of need or quality of this approach and without regular review or consultation and consideration of families and their needs.

To date there has been limited to no family and parental consultation and engagement.

This petition is calling for No term 2 on line schooling in the ACT without regular review,  supportive evidence and family consultation. The petition is calling for the following:

1. Regular Review

Restrictions influencing the closing of schools and moving to online remote learning to be reviewed regularly (fortnightly) and supported by evidence that is communicated clearly and promptly to families.

2. Appropriate process of consultation with families

Appropriate process of consultation with families in regards to the move to online remote learning formats for term 2 with open feedback accessible to all families to partake in, review and respond.

3. Demonstrated consideration of the diversity of family needs when developing remote learning models whilst they are in place

A truely flexible model of learning that takes into account the parental/carer work load in an online remote schooling setting, and the diversity of workloads depending on the age of students and that many parents are still working at this time.

4. Demonstration of Expertise accessed by the directorate in the set up of online remote learning (I.e. the set up of models of learning, not the development of IT delivery skills)

Demonstration of expertise in the directorate of Education to ensure the development of an online remote learning model and structure is supported by experts rather than the general public servants currently in the department.





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This petition had 61 supporters