Listen To The Demands Of Beauchamp Students

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Over the weekend a group of students created a petition in order to bring change within the college and allow for students to come in late if they do not have lessons in the morning.

This petition was started due to the fact that the college lied to students about late starts , firstly saying we would be able to come in late after Christmas, to announcing at Christmas time that this privilege has been removed.

The college immediately shut down the petition as they argue it was “incorrect” and Did not agree to the view of 234 people that we should be given the freedom that we descerve as young adults.

Therefore this second petition has been started to further emphasise the fact that we are not young children and our voices will not be silenced.

If the college continues to silence students these sorts of petitions will continue.

We hope you consider the views of the year 13 students and listen to what they have to say.